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    Sat Apr 16 13:53:35 2016

    Java/Groovy files, but on other files it does not work as well.
    Also tried clean installation today and here's what I found out:
    Windows 7 -> does not work
    Windows 10 -> does not work
    OS X El Capitan -> works

    Edit: and it seems to be EAP version issue, as on IDEA 15 on Windows 10 it was fine.

  2. Fri Apr 15 18:46:45 2016
    L lariend started the conversation Missing cursor in editor and show members option.


    I have found out about armory today. I really love the idea and I see it as a tool that could really improve my productivity.

    Unfortunately I have one issue with it. It only happens when Tabs Placement option is set to None. When I hit Ctrl+Enter on a file (in armory tree view), it opens up, but the cursor doesn't show up in the editor. However, If I do it on a method instead, it just works fine and cursor is inside the editor. Is there any chance to fix this?

    Also is it possible to turn off "Show members" option in Armory tree view? Similar to one available in Project Explorer.
    Not sure if it helps, but I am using IntelliJIDEA Community Edition 145.969.6.

    Thanks you for your help!

  3. Fri Apr 15 18:04:12 2016
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