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    Mon Feb 8 19:32:09 2016
    M mmadson posted in Hiding Elements.

    Marking the file / directory as excluded actually removes it from inspections, code completion, etc. I would still like the file to be considered as part of the project--just not some particular armory tree view that I'm currently constructing/viewing. I assume that given your suggestions, armory currently does not support my desired capability.

  2. Mon Feb 8 17:47:01 2016
    M mmadson posted in Hiding Elements.

    @Oleg Dubrov Hey, guys, every time you need to isolate something you can just create a new empty Tree View and drag needed elements to it. Something like that:


    To create empty tree view, just click "Add Tree View" and then "Clear" to remove existing roots from it.

    Isn't it exactly what you need?

    The other way to hide "unwanted items" is to select all of them an choose "Group" in the context menu (Ctrl + Right Click). Give the name of group (for example 'etc') and click OK. Done.

    The third way to manage with that is instead of to gray "hidden" items, to bold the "important" items by selecting them and pressing Ctrl+B.

    Please correct me if I have misunderstood you.

    Using your example, let's say I wanted a view with everything in the left tree except BouncingBalls, how would I go about doing that easily?

  3. Fri Jan 22 10:33:16 2016
    M mmadson started the conversation Hiding Elements.

    Not sure if I overlooked it, but I was wondering if you could hide elements from a custom view. For example if I drag over a module directory I'd like to be able to hide the target folder.

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