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  1. 2 years ago
    Tue Sep 13 23:12:54 2016

    Thanks for the report. The issue was fixed in v1.35.

  2. 3 years ago
    Sun Apr 17 06:05:05 2016

    Thanks a lot for details! Issue fix is in progress..

  3. Sat Apr 16 11:56:05 2016

    Hello lariend,

    Thank you for the bug report. We are trying to reproduce the bug with cursor. What type of file are you trying to open?

  4. Sat Feb 27 04:42:57 2016
    Oleg Dubrov posted in Reuse in multiple IDEs?.

    Hello titus,
    Thank you for using Armory!

    The Armory plugin for each IDE is a separate product. So yes, you need to purchase a separate license.

    By the way the Armory plugin for the Intellij IDEA Community Edition is free. In this case there is no license needed.

  5. Mon Feb 8 21:25:09 2016
    Oleg Dubrov posted in Hiding Elements.

    Hi robotProdigy!
    A picture is worth a thousand words. Thank you :)

    Yes, you are right, we can drag only whole file, we can't drag some file members alone in such languages as PHP and Python. We need to understand that Armory relies on the Intellij IDEA model (Psi objects hierarchy). The restriction is that in those languages (PHP and Python) it's not possible to display class (or function) in the tree view without the parent file element. At the moment I don't know of a solution that could circumvent this limitation. :(

  6. Mon Feb 8 19:28:05 2016
    Oleg Dubrov posted in Hiding Elements.

    @mmadson how would I go about doing that easily?

    If you want to hide some folders from the view, you may mark it "as excluded".

    First you need to uncheck the "Show Excluded Files" option:


    Then you need to select a folder and choose "Mark Directory As --> Excluded":


    It is not the Armory plugin functionality, it's available in almost all jetbrains' IDE.

  7. Sat Feb 6 20:50:50 2016
    Oleg Dubrov posted in Hiding Elements.

    Hey, guys, every time you need to isolate something you can just create a new empty Tree View and drag needed elements to it. Something like that:


    To create empty tree view, just click "Add Tree View" and then "Clear" to remove existing roots from it.

    Isn't it exactly what you need?

    The other way to hide "unwanted items" is to select all of them an choose "Group" in the context menu (Ctrl + Right Click). Give the name of group (for example 'etc') and click OK. Done.

    The third way to manage with that is instead of to gray "hidden" items, to bold the "important" items by selecting them and pressing Ctrl+B.

    Please correct me if I have misunderstood you.

  8. Sat Feb 6 20:02:11 2016
    Oleg Dubrov posted in Hiding Elements.

    I don't understand what you exactly mean :(
    Could you make a screenshot and point out the place and what should be changed?

  9. Wed Nov 4 19:33:09 2015
    Oleg Dubrov posted in Roots vertically?.

    Hello Belkin,

    If I understand you correctly you mean placing Tree Views vertically, one above the other. If so, yes, indeed, it is rightly desired function. We had planned it before but faced with some technical problems and decided to postpone untill better times.

    Thank you for pointing out. I think we will raise this issue again!

  10. Wed Sep 23 18:30:12 2015

    I'm sorry, it isn't possible at the time. Maybe in future releases this will be done.

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