Roots vertically?

  1. 3 years ago

    Hey guys!
    Really great plugin!
    I look for it for a long time and just tried it.

    But in need one important thing: Is there a way to place roots vertically? One above the other instead of side by side? Really may save many space!


  2. Oleg Dubrov

    4 Nov 2015 Administrator

    Hello Belkin,

    If I understand you correctly you mean placing Tree Views vertically, one above the other. If so, yes, indeed, it is rightly desired function. We had planned it before but faced with some technical problems and decided to postpone untill better times.

    Thank you for pointing out. I think we will raise this issue again!

  3. Приветствую!

    Имелось в виду возможность располагать панельки не только одна справа/слева от другой, но друг под другом. Например, чтобы справа на экране у меня достаточно узкая по ширине панель, а в ней три рута (модельки, контроллеры, вьюшки, етс). Мне кажется так будет удобно и, на мой взгляд, сэкономит уйму воркспейса, которого катастрофически не хватает.

    Надеюсь, реализуете!

    Отличный продукт, спасибо!

  4. I'm working with my monitor in vertical portrait mode, and could really use Armory with its tree view vertically stacked - would save a bit of screen real-estate in my case.

    Really like Armory - keep it up.



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