Does Armory support WebStorm?

  1. 3 years ago

    I see in the changelog:

    Recent change notes
    WebStorm support added
    Fixed bug with inactive Project View buttons

    But it doesn't work actually

  2. Oleg Dubrov

    31 Aug 2015 Administrator

    Hello Michael,

    This version of the plugin (1.09) is still on the moderation. Please wait a couple of hours (up to 24) until it was done.

    Or you can download the latest version directly from the download page .

  3. Any plans for other Jetbrains IDEs? I'd be interested in CLion.

  4. Oleg Dubrov

    6 Sep 2015 Administrator

    Hi Mkasu,

    Yes, we plan to add CLion support in the next major release. I hope it will be done within this month.


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